Friday, 26 September 2014

Tips to Crack NDA Exam and Last Minute Preparation

NDA exam is on September 28, 2014. With less than a day remaining here are some things that one must keep in mind while doings revisions and at the time of exam.

Revising your formulae: With less than two days remaining there isn’t any time left for working on new concepts. The best that one can do is revise what has already been covered and done. Mathematical formulae are one such thing. You will get many questions in exam that require nothing more than correct formula to be applied to find the solution. The key is to remember the formula that is required and a lot of students get confused because there is so much to learn. A quick formulas revision will ensure that no marks get lost on such simple questions. Prepare a list or use the one you have already prepared and revise the formula before you head on to take the exam.

Brushing up your current affairs: as NDA covers a big portion of GK and Current Affairs, it is of prime importance that you revise whatever that you have learned previously in GK and Current Affairs. A quick revision of all that you have learned in GK will ensure that you remember most of the question if they happen to come in the exam.

Do’s and Don’ts for NDA Exam

1.      Check your admit card and stationery before heading on for the exam
2.      Don’t forget to take a quick glance at your formulas list and things to remember
3.      When sitting for the exam, check around you and inside your desk cabin
4.      Keep a watch with you to keep a tab on time
5.      Divide your time into sections and plan this before sitting for the exam so that you may not waste more than the required time on one section and loose marks in the other.

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