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Review Yourself-NDA Exam Just Few Days Away For You

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The National Defence Academy Exam just 11 days away from the NDA seekers. Study is the big   and very important aspect to clear the exam but only study is not enough for success rather than planed study is perfect to achieve the positive result. Studying calls for a concerted and conscious mental effort to analyses, examine, and assimilate the points of a topic, to reflect on their effect and to retain, recall and remember what all is assimilated.

"Studying without concentration is like trying to fill a bucket with water when the bucket has a hole in its bottom. It doesn't work"

Major Point -How to Study?

How to study for NDA Exam?The purpose of studying is not just creaming, basic and deep knowledge whether it is basic knowledge is must but expert knowledge is the key of success. Success in NDA Exam not a game ,the success in NDA depends on several points like which Kind of NDA Study Material  you are using,what are your strategies against the exam,how are you studying and etc.

Firstly select your topic and read 5-10 pages quickly then read deeply. As you study, try to understand the concepts, purpose and highlight after that note down the major point separately. You also have to analytically major and put an image in your mind various aspects of discussion of the topic like example:

  • Central -structure and them of the topic.
  • Underlying basic principles,concepts and assumptions.
  •  Try to link  among the concepts,facet and real life.
  • Difference and Similarities among the processes and concepts.
  • Try to grasp steps which are   involved in the various processes.
  •  Make the organized ,clear and brief notes  for all topics.
  • After the complete study of any topic just prepare your notes for deep study and revision.

Create A Study Group

Group discussion is very beneficial to brush up your skills.Set a group meeting twice or once a week to exchange the knowledge.By the group meeting you can learn many new things.

The Nine Study Habits of Successful Students
Only good habits make you a successful students.They apply these all habits to their regular study schedule.
  •  Never study too much at onetime
  •  Fix specific time for study
  •  Make habit to regular study
  •  Set small goals for study times
  •  Start studying when planned
  •  Do hard and early work on difficult topics
  •  Review your study plans and notes regularly
  • Avoid to phone call during your study time.
  • Set a day for review your study and test.

Improving Concentration

  • Study in a peaceful place that is free from  interruptions and distraction.
  • Try to study  at that time of the day when you feel that you work best. Some people work well   late night., others early in the morning.
  • Don’t try to do many tasks at the same time because you won’t be able to concentrate on either.
Be Organized and Disciplined

Only good discipline gives you a path of success.Excellent organization managed your study plan and strategies.  

Other Important Aspects

  • Try to develop  Interest, Respect and Deep Love for Learning
  • Keep your Mind Healthy and open
  • Keep yourself Physically Fit
  • Need for Recreation and Relaxation

                                           "Keep study And All the Best"

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