Thursday, 9 October 2014

ICAI releases empanelment of members for Checker assignment for CA Examination to be held in November 2014

ICAI has released the list of members for checkers for CA Exam to be held in November 2014. The prime job of the checkers would be the checking of the totaling of marks etc. in the answer books of CA examinations, after they have been evaluated by the examiners. The checkers positions are being carried out by the assigned/accredited members of the institute who have been empanelled for the purpose.
Applications are also invited from members ( up to 15 years of experience ) to act as “checkers” for calculating and checking the total marks in the answer books for the examinations to be held in November 2014.

It must also be noted that a fresh panel of checkers is prepared for every examination. Hence who have applied once and wish to apply again will also have to apply again. 

Those selected will be informed through e-mail from 1-15 December 2014.

For further clarification/assistance, visit official website or call us at 0120-3054 812, 3054 858 or 495 3758

Note: Eligibility criteria for the application of Checker
  •  None of your relatives, distant or close must be appearing in the CA examination for which you are applying for the post of Checker.
  •     The candidate must not be examiner of books for the same examination.
  •     The candidate are not coaching in any public or private institution or providing home tuition of any sort.
  •    The candidate must not be convicted by any court of law and no disciplinary proceeding is pending against them either by the ICAI/ Disciplinary directorate or by any other organization.
  • The candidate must not be associated with the institute as an elected member of the council/regional council or branch managing committee.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Direct Tax Collection For the 2014- 2015

A senior Finance Ministry told that the Net Direct tax collection so far has stood at Rs. 2.60 lakh crore for the current fiscal year.
Till September 26, 2014 the gross direct tax collection for the 2014-2015 has stood at Rs. 3.37 lakh crore.
Out of this the total corporate tax contributed was Rs. 1.55 lakh crore.
Apart from this, collection of Securities transaction Tax, STT and Wealth tax stood at Rs. 3,222 crore and Rs. 357.5 crore respectively.

The government of India has targeted to raise this amount to Rs. 7.36 lakh crore from Direct taxes in the current 2014-105 fiscal year compared to Rs. 6.36 lakh crore which was collected last year

The Central Board of Direct Taxes has Extended the Last Date

September 27, 2o14, New Delhi: CBDT, the Central Board of Direct taxes has extended the last date for filing Income Tax returns to November 30 from the previously stated September 30 in certain cases.
This relief is granted to people who are required to file their income tax return by September 30 and also have to get their accounts subjected to a tax audit.
This decision from CBDT is in sync with its August 20 move to extend the September 30 due date to November 30.
Although the tax audit report furnishing date is extended, there is no word on extending the return fillings date. This has caused a few practical difficulties for the assessees.
The credit for this decision goes to Gujrat High Court. However, CBDT has clarified that there will be no further extension of the due date for the purpose of charging od interest under Section 224A of the Income Tax for late filling of income tax returns.
For the non-tax audit assessees, the last date fot filling of income tax remains the same i.e. September 30.

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