Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Direct Tax Collection For the 2014- 2015

A senior Finance Ministry told that the Net Direct tax collection so far has stood at Rs. 2.60 lakh crore for the current fiscal year.
Till September 26, 2014 the gross direct tax collection for the 2014-2015 has stood at Rs. 3.37 lakh crore.
Out of this the total corporate tax contributed was Rs. 1.55 lakh crore.
Apart from this, collection of Securities transaction Tax, STT and Wealth tax stood at Rs. 3,222 crore and Rs. 357.5 crore respectively.

The government of India has targeted to raise this amount to Rs. 7.36 lakh crore from Direct taxes in the current 2014-105 fiscal year compared to Rs. 6.36 lakh crore which was collected last year

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